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InsulSmart MH™

InsulSmart MH™InsulSmart MHTM is cfiFOAM’s newest injection foam product.

InsulSmart MHTM is formulated with a melamine hybrid resin. It is suitable for new block construction as well as retrofit applications. InsulSmart MHTM can be used in markets where UF foams are restricted or prohibited, such as California and New Jersey.

InsulSmart MH™ is a Class 1/Class A fire rated product and meets all testing requirements of current building codes.

InsulSmart MH™ is approved by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

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Guide Spec in PDF Format
Guide Spec in Word Format for Editing Purposes

Conventional 3-Web Block Whole Wall R-Values
Fact Sheet
InsulSmart MH for Block
InsulSmart MH for Stud Wall Cavities
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Next Generation Block Whole Wall R-Values
Product Information Sheet
Sound Control: Sound Absorption – Lightweight CMU and Sound Properties Design Details (Canadian)
Test Data

InjectASeal MH

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